Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

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December 08, 2011

X-MAS Shopping Time!

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Evolution has GIFT IDEAS for you!

  • T-shirts (we have plain, artsy, long, pocketed, funky from Baby size to 4XL!)
  • Videos (Snowboard, Ski, Snowmobile, Bike-the new Inside Out film is just in this week!)
  • Goggles & lenses (who would not love a new lens?!)
  • Tuques (Evolution has an amazing selection of tuques! and facemasks)
  • Riding Sock (we have lots to choose from, plus our Amazing Bridgedale socks will be back in stock next week)
  • Feather Earings (by Koz-she has amazing style!)
  • Drop by when you are on your X-mas shopping cruise as we have lots of things that your friends want!