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May 11, 2014

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BackYard Sessions 2014

Backyard Sessions - Founded by Woody:

"Backyard Sessions started out from summer tales of legendary parks notched into the woods around Whistler as a fellow landscaper, Dave and I talked away the off-season blues. The two of us would talk about the house a buddy of a buddy who used to sell weed, to this guy’s girlfriend’s house that had the most INSANE quarter pipe - redirect to down bar. The stories grew and grew and grew with spring melt erasing all proof of it for another 6 months. The idea that ignited Backyard Sessions was to capture these elusive parks in their prime with slow-mo video and professional photographers, pit them against each other then bring the crews together to snowboard for free in hand-shaped parks. Last year boasted full clam shell, coping corners and two tiered butter pads and this year was no different. The WESTBEACH house brought the Golden Rake back to Alpine with wood jibs so smooth, so polished, so waxed - they popped under the flood lights and CPK's photo flash.

“A shout out to all the submitters: to Jay Britton in Nelson, the Nordic House, The Finestone’s, Camp of Scallions 1.5; all the sponsors: 3CS Outerwear, Volcom, Electric, Flow Snowboards, Candygrind Gloves, Airblaster and Arena Snowparks! All the judges:(250) Jer Melanson, Davey K, Gordie Lehane, and Jessy B and XTina from EVO, Garret from Camp Of Scallions park 1.0. The photographers CPK and CoochiPeace and Jonathan Schramm (Dragon Factory Films) for shooting and creating the 2014 BYS video and finally, to EVOLUTION for helping us celebrate nitty-gritty grass root boarding!"

See ya next year!

Backyard sessions-how it works:

BackYard Sessions, organized by Evolution and 250snow, is a contest-ish to celebrate snow culture and homegrown parks in Whistler. The invitation is posted for people building parks in their yards to submit photos and videos of their yard to Evolution and 250snow. We go over the submissions and pick the top yards. The Evolution and 250snow Crews ride the top yards with the Yard Crew and we decide on our favourite park; the criteria being Sessionalbility (flow, features, multiple lines), Creativity (including creative use of space), and the Sweat Equity! All of the top yards receive prizes from our sponsors with the top yard receiving the Golden Rake from Arena Snowparks.


by Dragon Factory Films – Jonathan Schramm

Shot at the Alpine Yard-the winners of the BYS-ASP Golden Rake!

Photos Of The Alpine Yard Session










and photos by CoochiPeace:












Photos Of The Bys Wrap-Up Session

The snow was hit hard with rain last week, but Steve and his crew had the yard tarped for protection and brought in garbage cans of snow! The last few bits of snow were enjoyed for hours and hours!

By CoochiPeace:








The Finestone’s (featuring Finn Finestone-10yrs old in these photos!




The Nordic Crew

This park looked amazing! Due to circumstances, however, we were unable to ride this park - a bummer as it looked like a lot of fun! Nice work Nordic Crew!

nordic park 5

nordic park 1

nordic 6

nordic 5

nordic 3

The Nelson FrontYard Submission:




Spring Chick'N Flake sale starts March 28th

Our winter clearance sale starts march 28th 2014 and will run until april 21st. Stop by early for the best selection! Winter gear on clearance, plus some 2013 bike product on sale!

BackYard Sessions 2014 so far a success!

Nice work to the yard builders: Steve, Brian, Nick, Casey and Jordan. You guys will are on the prize roster! 

Here are a few photos taken by Coochie Peace, the next set of photos will be from our Evolution house photographer, Conrad PK, plus we will have a video to post by Evolution's house filmmaker: Dragon Factory Films :)

Also visit our facebook page for photo updates: fb.com/evolutionwhistler


Backyard Sessions 2014

BYS is a contest started by 250snow and Evolution, created to celebrate homegrown snowboard parks.

"Last year was a total experiment… We walked up to the first house and in the back of my head I had no idea what it was going to be like... It turned out awesome! The sessions were fun and the footage turned out great." (Co-founder Woody) "We thought it wasn't gonna happen this season - but we're doing it…! " The second annual Back Yard Sessions is on!! So get your shovels, grab your pals and show us what your back yard is made of…

The challenge is simple:

Shovel, Shape, Shred and submit "proof-of-park" by March 14th to shop@evolutionwhistler.com (proof of park via photos, vid if you want, and a description)


  • SESSIONABILITY - How great could the sessions be? Is it progressive? Technical? How many can Jam?
  • CREATIVE USE OF SPACE - We don't care how big your park, it is about how well you improvised with what you have to work with.
  • BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS - How much work had to go into it? For example: a hand shoveled drop in ramp so you can gap into the down... F yeah..

Submission should showcase these qualities, the best camera or cleanest cut doesn't win - it is about the best back yard park!

The top submissions selected will host Jam sessions with the 250snow.com & Evolution Crews as well as be documented by photographers and filmakers. The best session will win the grand prizes!

The Best Back Yard Park in Whistler wins ultimate bragging rights and prizes from:

Contest Session dates will ideally be within a week or so of the submission date. However, dates are pending snow conditions and subject to rescheduling or postponement as necessary.

Join the event on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/1390622427875199

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Pow Stash got Served!

Pow Stash got Served!

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Conrad Petzsch-Kunze
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February 16, 2014

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When you might have thought spring was setting in here in sunny Whistler, BC, you couldn't have guessed that winter would hit back with vengance loading the slopes up of the wonderful white gold. Our Team rider Woody doesn't let anything get un-tracked.

Enjoy the long over due winter conditions!

This is our Backyard! Watch 'Lets Go Get Small' by Dave Treadway

'Lets Go Get Small' features free skier Dave Treadway as he, together with Henrik Windstedt, venture way out into the Canadian coast range on snowmobiles. Shot on location at Pemberton backcountry, Bridge glacier, Steller Heli skiing, Selkirk Wilderness Skiing and Monashee Powder Snowcats.

2014 Deep Winter Photo Challenge

The Deep Winter Photo Challenge brings you the best professional action sports photographers throwing down for 3 days to capture the life and culture of winter in Whistler. It will inspire and give you new found shred motivation for life in the mountains.

  • 1st: Zoya Lynch – $5,000 + Arc’teryx Jacket
  • 2nd: Nicolas Teichrob – $2,500 + Arc’teryx Jacket
  • 3rd: Jason Hummel – $1,000 + Arc’teryx Jacket
  • Best Individual Image – Nicolas Teichrob $1,000


Zoya Lynch - Winning Photographer


Erin Hogue


Chris Brown


Jason Hummel


Cameron Hunter


Nicolas Teichrob


A Dusty Day in Whistler

A Dusty Day in Whistler

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January 18, 2014

Tags: Remy Metailler Whistler Bike Park Evolution Team

Video of Evo Team Rider Remy Metailler shreds Whistler Bike Park at full speed in July's slick dry conditions.