2012 Rental Fleet Stocked & Loaded!

Our Rental Fleet is waiting to be shredded down the bike park trails all day long! We have added Chromag Bars to each Specialized Demo ride.

Come past our store when your in the village or make a booking online. OR give us a call on 6049322967.

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How To: Procrastinate 202 - Ian Morrison & Nick Geddes

It's been 714 days since the first part of “How To Procrastinate” went online - we figured it was time for a part two. We had intended on shooting it last summer, but Nick was stricken down with leukemia, which forced us to put our plans on the back burner.

Nick has battled back hard and is crushing it on his bike after winning his fight. Since the opening weekend of the bike park we had been chatting about what we planned to shoot, and had come up with a rough idea of how we wanted it to look.

Some things never change. The boys are back bringing the gnarhane.

Checkout more at

Chris Kovarik with Summer of Summit

Chris Kovarik was a Whistler local all summer, racing Phat Wednesdays and coaching with Claire the rest of the time with Kovarik Racing. Checkout the edit to and see how the mountain gets ripped to pieces! And throw a few wind mills in while your at it!


Edited by Dylan Forbes.

Finn's Fantastic Summer Season

We went to the Canadian Grand Nationals for BMX this weekend and he did really well. BMX racing is a mix of highs and lows and this weekend was no exception! In two years of racing Finn went 32 straight wins and blasted through Novice and Intermediate classes, finally moving to expert in late July. His first encounter with 8 experts was in Kelowna where he failed to make any of his main events. This is common for new experts, most spend a year or so adjusting to the new level of competition, often missing the mains.

Finn's Finestone Moto Win

This weekend was his second race event with the experts and there were a number of American kids up in addition to the Canadian regulars. This group has been dominated by five kids for some time and Finn was certainly not seen as a threat. On Friday he managed to make his main event and finished off the podium in a respectable fifth. Saturday was the last National points race of the year, Finn raced well and was on his way to the main when he got disqualified for moving over in the final straight. (all time low!). Sunday was the Grand National finally for the season worth more points (and bigger trophies) than all the other races. It was obvious Finn was out for redemption when he blasted out of the second moto in first beating a rack of the best racers. In the main event he was in third place behind two American kids when they crashed in the second turn. Finn managed to avoid them and pulled into first, in the third corner the #1 Canadian kid caught him and ran him up over the berm, his mountain bike skills kicked in and he monster trucked through the soft dirt and pulled back onto the track, losing some momentum but holding on for third place at the line. I think the dad's of the regular five were pretty surprised to see the kid with no national ranking and no team affiliation give their kids a run for the money. Next season will be interesting indeed.

As an aside Finn was also the top fundraiser in Canada for the Race for Life cancer research event. One of his bike mentors Nick Geddes was diagnosed with leukaemia this summer and he worked hard to raise funds for cancer research. He was recognized by the Children's Hospital with a trophy for his efforts.

Finn, Aidan, Jeremy

8 Years Old and Rippin! "Nothing But Time"

8 Years Old and Rippin! "Nothing But Time"

Posted by
Conrad Petzsch-Kunze
Published on
August 30, 2011

Tags: Finn Finestone Team Bike Park Whistler Summer

Finn Finestone is back on the bike, at eight he is making good use of his time.

Filming for "AIR"

Filming for "AIR"

Posted by
Ian Morrison
Published on
July 07, 2011

Tags: #wining Crab Apple Hits Bike Park Sending Evolution Whistler

Yesterday was my first day filming with Goldstein Productions for Whistler Blackcombs short video "Air", After the trail crew has fully rebuilt Crab Apple hits and could not have done a better job it was our main focus for yesterday.

Here's a little teaser photo for you guys, the full edit should be out middle of next week.

Crankworx Red Bull Joyride Course Under Construction.

The Kokanee Crankworx is under a month away and the Whister Blackcomb team are already scooping and moving dirt for the Red Bull Joyride Course.

Also if anyone is keen to Volunteer fill out the form on Crankworx.com

Here are some photos of what it looks like on June 28th.

Red Bull Joyride Course for Kokanee Crankworx Whistler

It's not long now until you're going to be seeing the best riding on the planet right here in Whistler, B.C.

This course was created by Brandon Semenuk and Cam Zink. So it is sure to be something extrodanary. The anticipation is building as the world's best freeride mountain bike athletes prepare to descend on Whistler for the 2011 Kokanee Crankworx festival.

Check out a larger version of the Course Drawing.

View full post at Redbull.com

Opening Weekend

This past weekend was the opening of the Whistler Bike Park, after our second snowiest winter ever there was a considerable amount of snow blanketing our beloved summer haven. To say the least trail crew killed it, opening the park with eight trails was a miricale. Finishing saturday off with a very memorable party night was the GLC with triple buckets full of the time of your life, if you weren't having a great time you were doing something wrong...

Thanks to everyone who made last weekend so awesome, if you weren't here you should book your trip and prepare for the best time of your life.

Oh and here's another awesome video http://vimeo.com/24137587 from my friend Mike at Goldstein Products

Get here!!! Get some and be BAW$$

Stoked on BIKES!

Stoked on BIKES!

Posted by
Conrad Petzsch-Kunze
Published on
May 16, 2011

Tags: BMX Nike Bike Park Whistler Summer Chompsky Nike 6.0 The Pool Bears

The bears are out and about and the snow is finally fading around town from the spring time rain. Oh yer, one more week until the Bike Park is open! Stoked!

If you have a spare 5mins in your day I highly recommend to watch this extremely rad edit. It is some of the best riding I have ever seen.

Nike 6.0 The Pool - Qualifying Video Highlights