The United States of Ian Morrison

The United States of Ian Morrison

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Conrad Petzsch-Kunze
Published on
March 01, 2013

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Homeboy Ian Morrison getting some coverage on Aka Skidor Magazine.


Ian Morrison - Cover Åka Skidor

Ian Morrison - Cover Åka Skidor

BC builders

BC builders

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Lauren Ritz
Published on
November 13, 2012

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In early September I had the chance to go to Retallack lodge to check out some of the work that their trail crew had put in to creating what should be a very bright future in the world of destination biking. Some of BC's best trail builders have converged on Rettal for example Riley Mcintosh and Joyrides own Paddykay (PK) these two along with many other have worked tirelessly to create some awesome trails. Here's an edit from the guys at Artbarn with some interveiws and some riding.




Hi. I'm Ian Morrison and I guess you could call me a local. Dropping into Whistler during Crankworx is often too much for even the most seasoned vets. So I thought I’d do my pal Stevie a favor and show him how to survive the mayhem before the shit gets real.

Here’s a run-down of how it all goes down, Whistler style:

  • One dumbo is never enough at Sushi Village.
  • Stopping in the middle of the trail is not a brilliant thing to do. I don't want to run into you and you don't want to be run into by me.
  • Midday is not the best time to ride. But it is the best time to hit the beach and enjoy the “scenery”
  • I'm not trying to piss you off, you're just going too slow
  • The common myth of nothing cures a hangover. Feed the beast some Zogs Poutine to get you back on the bike for another day of riding.
  • Yes, the GLC is right at the base of the mountain—making it awesomely convenient. It also contains the four food groups: babes, beer, burgers, and buckets.
  • You might think no one notices that you haven't showered in three days. Fight the funk and shower... with soap
  • Just because you have a human kinetics degree doesn't mean you should tell people how to ride a bike.
  • Long hair is an aerodynamic advantage. (It's math. Don't question it.)
  • Visors are meant to be put in the highest position. Without question it will make you a better rider.
  • Support local shops, you might spend a few extra bucks but at least it'll be done right.
  • The wildwood is not that good for breakfast. Don't be mis-lead.
  • A single isn't an acceptable amount of booze. Doubles or bust.
  • Your feet will stick to the ground in the clubs, get drunker, you won't notice.
  • The speed limit is there to be broken and please stop driving slowly in the passing lane you are making everyone hate you… not just me.
  • Bring your own Espresso machine, because real coffee in Whistler does not exist.
  • If you end up underground at the end of the night, there is a 90% chance you are not riding the next day, you have reached the point of no return.

See you soon.

Finn Finestone and Ian Morrison rock Whistler

Another great video of Evolution team riders Finn Finestone and Ian Morrison!

Finn and Ian are both born and bred Whistler-ites. It is a beautiful place to grow up and there are a lot of great influences here. Both riders were noticed at a young age by Evolution Whistler and recieve as much help and free service that they need!

Twenty-one year old Ian Morrison is a true Whistler legend, and a nine year old Finn Finestone is well on his way. Despite their age difference, watch them tear apart the Whistler Bike Park.

Keep up to date with projects at:

How To: Procrastinate 202 - Ian Morrison & Nick Geddes

It's been 714 days since the first part of “How To Procrastinate” went online - we figured it was time for a part two. We had intended on shooting it last summer, but Nick was stricken down with leukemia, which forced us to put our plans on the back burner.

Nick has battled back hard and is crushing it on his bike after winning his fight. Since the opening weekend of the bike park we had been chatting about what we planned to shoot, and had come up with a rough idea of how we wanted it to look.

Some things never change. The boys are back bringing the gnarhane.

Checkout more at

Whip Off Worlds on Crabapple

This was one of the highlights at this years Crankworx! Watching the best riders go sideways down the freshly revamped crabapple hits for the un-official whip content. Ian Morrision was scrubbing like no other as normal but Brazilian Bernardo Neves, was just insane. Check out the clip to see what went down.


Ian Morrison Scrubbing

Ian Morrison Scrubbing!

Crankworx "Jeep Air DH"

The Jeep® Air Downhill took over the Whistler Mountain Bike Park with over 344 competitors ripping down the most famous DH course in the world, A-Line. Brian Lopes was dethroned from his reign as king with South Africa’s Andrew Neethling taking over top spot ending Lopes’ streak of five wins in a row, scoring the fastest time of the day at 4:13.34.

The Air DH course runs the entire length of A-Line, finishing at the base of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park with the legendary GLC Drop. A-Line is arguably the most celebrated DH course in mountain biking, with nearly 50 jumps on the course. A-Line is the benchmark all DH courses strive to emulate. “Although the cold weather wasn’t ideal for the fans, the course couldn’t have been in better condition.” said Tristan Merrick, event announcer. “The course conditions were pretty tacky. A lot of the riders felt like their bikes were on rails.”


Some hightlight photos of the day.

Crankworx "Jeep Air DH"

Crankworx "Jeep Air DH"

Crankworx "Jeep Air DH"

Pro Mens - Kokanee Crankworx 2011 - Jeep Air Downhill

Pro Mens - Kokanee Crankworx 2011 - Jeep Air Downhill

Pro Womans - Kokanee Crankworx 2011 - Jeep Air Downhill

Crankworx "Jeep Air DH"

Crankworx "Jeep Air DH"

Crankworx "Jeep Air DH"

Crankworx "Jeep Air DH"

We're Back & finally starting Summer

Ian Morrison is back at it and so are we at Goldstein Productions. Here's to finally starting summer.

Filmed by Goldstein Productions

How To: Procrastinate - Ian Morrison & Nick Geddes

Monday, 28 June 2010

School’s almost out! But young Whistler riders Ian Morrison and Nick Geddes delay in their studies, and show you how to get an A+ in Procrastination 101. Who do you think actually buckles down and studies in the end? by Goldstein Productions

School’s almost out! But young Whistler riders Ian Morrison and Nick Geddes delay in their studies, and show you how to get an A+ in Procrastination 101. Who do you think actually buckles down and studies in the end?