Whip Off Worlds on Crabapple

This was one of the highlights at this years Crankworx! Watching the best riders go sideways down the freshly revamped crabapple hits for the un-official whip content. Ian Morrision was scrubbing like no other as normal but Brazilian Bernardo Neves, was just insane. Check out the clip to see what went down.

Credit: RootRider.tv

Ian Morrison Scrubbing

Ian Morrison Scrubbing!

2011 Deep Summer Photo Challenge

What an amzing show of talent for all photographers who showcased their photos. Congratulations to Robin O’Neill for 1st, Margus Riga who took 2nd and Dan Barham for 3rd. Other contestants are Tim Zimmerman & Justin Olsen.

Deep Summer Photo Challenge Recap

Tim Zimmerman Photography and Team Dirt Wizard present R.I.P. Summer. Watch your back.

Riders: Stephen Matthews, Peter Matthews, Gareth Dyer, Kevin Landry, Eric Lawrenuk & Jon Widen.

The Five Stages of Bummer Summer by Dan Barham

Deep Summer 2011 Winning Slideshow by Robin O'Neill

Crankworx Red Bull Joyride Course Under Construction.

The Kokanee Crankworx is under a month away and the Whister Blackcomb team are already scooping and moving dirt for the Red Bull Joyride Course.

Also if anyone is keen to Volunteer fill out the form on Crankworx.com

Here are some photos of what it looks like on June 28th.