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February 24, 2015

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Contest Runs from March 1st to March 31st

Vids must be shot THIS season 

G-Rated, please


EMAIL us your 8 second to 2 minute (max) Vids to: or click here

Please be sure to include your NAME (or Crew name), Tel # and email address (if different than sent from address)

We will post the Evo-Approved vids (per the regulations) to our FB Page: and we will award weekly prizes to our favourite vids PLUS there will be two overall grand prizes to the Evolution Top Pick as well as the Popular Choice which will be awarded to the vid with the most shares!

Enter as often as you like! 




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October 23, 2012

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The EvoWuCrew has been hard at work for the past two weeks prcing and dicing the new snow gear. Every day more product is hitting the shelves. Stop by soon for fresh selection!

So far we have stocked up with:

  • Airblaster outerwear, goggles, tuques, facemasks & ninja suits
  • Volcom outerwear, tuques, gloves, long underwear & snow hoodies
  • DC outerwear & boots
  • Ride boards, boots, bindings & outerwear
  • Cappel outerwear
  • Nikita outerwear, long underwear & tuques
  • Rome boards, boots, bindings & gloves
  • Lib Tech boards & helmets
  • Gnu boards & bindings
  • 32 boots, outerwear, socks & tuques
  • Flow boots & bindings
  • Sandbox helmets
  • Electric goggles
  • Dragon goggles
  • Sabre goggles
  • Pop tuques
  • Spacecraft tuques
  • other random tuqes!
  • Celtek gloves & tuques

And still to hit the shelves:

  • Romp outerwear
  • Homeschool outerwear
  • Jones boards
  • more Lib Tech & Gnu boards
  • Now bindings
  • Karakoram bindings
  • Karakoram-Bent Metal bindings
  • Spark bindings
  • 3CS outerwear
  • Flux bindings

winter-tuques winter-gogs winter-boots winter-airblas menswinter-airblast wo winter-wo jackets winter-wo pants

Recap of how good March was here in Whistler!

If you missed all that March POW here in Whistler, don't worry I got the best days to watch right here on the interweb!

Check it

Splitboards for the Backcountry

The 2012 Splitboard range is instore and ready to put you deep in the POW. Evolution Whistler is also stocking Karakoram and Spark bindings; Voile universal slider tracks; Voile skins; Voile heel lifts; and Voile poles. Give us a call or email us for more info.

Brad and Lauren at Evolution Whistler

Finn Park Fun!

Finn Park Fun!

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November 20, 2011

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Opening Day and young Finn is shredding up the mountain!

Finn Finestone - Whistler Mountain 2011

Photo by: Brian Finestone

Winter Season is on!

Winter Season is on!

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Conrad Petzsch-Kunze
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November 17, 2011

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Whistler Blackcomb will open six days early on Friday, November 18! An amazing start to an early season.

We have loads of fresh new Snowboards and Ski's instore! Check them out.

Mike Douglas, 6 days and nights at the top of Whistler Mountain

Have your lift Pass Yet?

Monday Random Shop Photos

Its only 4 Weeks until the Whistler Mountain re-opens for the winter 2012! POW POW! Come in and say hi if your in town and check out all the fresh new wearz we have turning up. Enjoy the photos!

Snowboard Boots - Evolution Whistler

Outerwear - Evolution Whistler

Snowboard Bindings - Evolution Whistler

Sun Glasses - Evolution Whistler

Elefant - Evolution Whistler

Hats - Evolution Whistler

Darcy - Evolution Whistler

Shoes - Evolution Whistler

Gloves - Evolution Whistler

LRG Watches - Evolution Whistler

Outerwear - Evolution Whistler

Snowboard Boots and Bindings - Evolution Whistler

If there is anything you like please don't hesitate to contact us!

Volcom Snowboarding 2011/12

2012 Volcom gear is instore! Loads of fresh new wearz to get you ready for an another amazing winter to blast fresh pow runs in!

Volcom's road-tested series continues this week with the launch of the first snow episode of this season featuring Seth Huot, Scott Stevens, Dylan Alito and Dan Brisse in Minnesota.

Season II, Snow Ep. l - Minnesota

Check Out

The Art of FLIGHT - The Metal Trailer

The Art of FLIGHT - The Metal Trailer

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Ian Morrison
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August 06, 2011

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This is going to blow your mind!

Last Day of Winter Season 2011

Throughout this winter season up in little Whistler we had many POW days, some glacier cold days, sunny days, rainy days, and overcast to a couple blizzard days. We started the season off with a crazy dump of snow late October, the snow kept on given'er to an early open on Nov 19th. From opening day to late Jan early Feb the snow was champagne pow pretty much ever day you strapped in to ride (pretty much heaven).

Best base we could ask for all season long. Mid Feb to April still the snow didn't stop, some overcast days in between but for the most part pow day after pow day. Late April the sun and rain started to join in, thinkin it was the time when the snow is starting to melt... But no, more snow! Until late May we had random snowfalls, keeping our base strong and feeling like the season would never end. Whistler Mountain closed on April.25th with a perfect conditions, full base plus more, and untracked runs (super sad to see).

Blackcomb closed on May 30th, with at least 2 1/2 metersof snow. Awesome season!

If your looking for a new Board for next year come by the shop we have all of our Boards on for super cheap, we have an arrangment of sizes from 140 - 161.5. We will be waitin for yea :)

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011

Last Day Winter Season 2011