Serious Business at Evolution Whistler!

We here at Evolution pride ourselves on running a very serious business. Natsuki aka the ninja, and Lil Jess are some fine examples of our youngest team members (and riders) who are always eager to get serious with you.

Trevor is a very serious manager! He is also very knowledgeable about EVERYTHING in the shop-come by and test him! The best part about this photo is that he HATES bananas!! (Offer him one-close to his nose-and see what happens!)


And Jenine is a very Serious Owner. She does not like to party. She especially does not like to party with Schramm Vodka!

J9 making Schramm-anade

And Manager Lauren is the most serious of us all!! (and, as you can see, Lil' Jess is heavily influenced!)

serious lauren