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February 24, 2015

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Contest Runs from March 1st to March 31st

Vids must be shot THIS season 

G-Rated, please


EMAIL us your 8 second to 2 minute (max) Vids to: or click here

Please be sure to include your NAME (or Crew name), Tel # and email address (if different than sent from address)

We will post the Evo-Approved vids (per the regulations) to our FB Page: and we will award weekly prizes to our favourite vids PLUS there will be two overall grand prizes to the Evolution Top Pick as well as the Popular Choice which will be awarded to the vid with the most shares!

Enter as often as you like! 


BackYard Sessions 2014

Backyard Sessions - Founded by Woody:

"Backyard Sessions started out from summer tales of legendary parks notched into the woods around Whistler as a fellow landscaper, Dave and I talked away the off-season blues. The two of us would talk about the house a buddy of a buddy who used to sell weed, to this guy’s girlfriend’s house that had the most INSANE quarter pipe - redirect to down bar. The stories grew and grew and grew with spring melt erasing all proof of it for another 6 months. The idea that ignited Backyard Sessions was to capture these elusive parks in their prime with slow-mo video and professional photographers, pit them against each other then bring the crews together to snowboard for free in hand-shaped parks. Last year boasted full clam shell, coping corners and two tiered butter pads and this year was no different. The WESTBEACH house brought the Golden Rake back to Alpine with wood jibs so smooth, so polished, so waxed - they popped under the flood lights and CPK's photo flash.

“A shout out to all the submitters: to Jay Britton in Nelson, the Nordic House, The Finestone’s, Camp of Scallions 1.5; all the sponsors: 3CS Outerwear, Volcom, Electric, Flow Snowboards, Candygrind Gloves, Airblaster and Arena Snowparks! All the judges:(250) Jer Melanson, Davey K, Gordie Lehane, and Jessy B and XTina from EVO, Garret from Camp Of Scallions park 1.0. The photographers CPK and CoochiPeace and Jonathan Schramm (Dragon Factory Films) for shooting and creating the 2014 BYS video and finally, to EVOLUTION for helping us celebrate nitty-gritty grass root boarding!"

See ya next year!

Backyard sessions-how it works:

BackYard Sessions, organized by Evolution and 250snow, is a contest-ish to celebrate snow culture and homegrown parks in Whistler. The invitation is posted for people building parks in their yards to submit photos and videos of their yard to Evolution and 250snow. We go over the submissions and pick the top yards. The Evolution and 250snow Crews ride the top yards with the Yard Crew and we decide on our favourite park; the criteria being Sessionalbility (flow, features, multiple lines), Creativity (including creative use of space), and the Sweat Equity! All of the top yards receive prizes from our sponsors with the top yard receiving the Golden Rake from Arena Snowparks.


by Dragon Factory Films – Jonathan Schramm

Shot at the Alpine Yard-the winners of the BYS-ASP Golden Rake!

Photos Of The Alpine Yard Session










and photos by CoochiPeace:












Photos Of The Bys Wrap-Up Session

The snow was hit hard with rain last week, but Steve and his crew had the yard tarped for protection and brought in garbage cans of snow! The last few bits of snow were enjoyed for hours and hours!

By CoochiPeace:








The Finestone’s (featuring Finn Finestone-10yrs old in these photos!




The Nordic Crew

This park looked amazing! Due to circumstances, however, we were unable to ride this park - a bummer as it looked like a lot of fun! Nice work Nordic Crew!

nordic park 5

nordic park 1

nordic 6

nordic 5

nordic 3

The Nelson FrontYard Submission:




BackYard Sessions 2014 so far a success!

Nice work to the yard builders: Steve, Brian, Nick, Casey and Jordan. You guys will are on the prize roster! 

Here are a few photos taken by Coochie Peace, the next set of photos will be from our Evolution house photographer, Conrad PK, plus we will have a video to post by Evolution's house filmmaker: Dragon Factory Films :)

Also visit our facebook page for photo updates:


Backyard Sessions 2014

BYS is a contest started by 250snow and Evolution, created to celebrate homegrown snowboard parks.

"Last year was a total experiment… We walked up to the first house and in the back of my head I had no idea what it was going to be like... It turned out awesome! The sessions were fun and the footage turned out great." (Co-founder Woody) "We thought it wasn't gonna happen this season - but we're doing it…! " The second annual Back Yard Sessions is on!! So get your shovels, grab your pals and show us what your back yard is made of…

The challenge is simple:

Shovel, Shape, Shred and submit "proof-of-park" by March 14th to (proof of park via photos, vid if you want, and a description)


  • SESSIONABILITY - How great could the sessions be? Is it progressive? Technical? How many can Jam?
  • CREATIVE USE OF SPACE - We don't care how big your park, it is about how well you improvised with what you have to work with.
  • BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS - How much work had to go into it? For example: a hand shoveled drop in ramp so you can gap into the down... F yeah..

Submission should showcase these qualities, the best camera or cleanest cut doesn't win - it is about the best back yard park!

The top submissions selected will host Jam sessions with the & Evolution Crews as well as be documented by photographers and filmakers. The best session will win the grand prizes!

The Best Back Yard Park in Whistler wins ultimate bragging rights and prizes from:

Contest Session dates will ideally be within a week or so of the submission date. However, dates are pending snow conditions and subject to rescheduling or postponement as necessary.

Join the event on Facebook -

View last years Backyard Sessions

BYS - -2341

BYS - -2330

BYS - -2346

BYS - -2647

BYS - -2372

BYS - -2386

BYS - -2396

BYS - -2367

BYS - -2423

BYS - -2458

BYS - -2461

BYS - -2480

BYS - -2484

BYS - -2566

BYS - -2610

BYS - -2628

BYS - -2651

Customise your very own Lib-Tech Snowboard: DIY Bitchin’ Board Builders

Have you ever wanted a snowboard that just needs a few tweaks to make it the perfect ride! Well dream no longer as Lib-Tech has just made this come true and you're going to be stoked! It's is about a 5 week turn around to have it in your hands and now is the time to make it happen.

Come in and see us at Evolution Whistler or email us and check more out here -

DIY Bitchin’ Board Builders offers you the opportunity to order a custom one of a kind dream snowboard that will be guided through our experiMENTAL Division’s prototyping process and handcrafted to your specifications. Lib Tech is an R&D and innovation based brand. Years of
refining board designs for ourselves and riders like Jamie Lynn, Travis Rice, Eric Jackson and Blair Habenicht has allowed us to develop a very fficient experiMENTAL prototyping system. This year, for the first time, we are excited to be able to share the heart of our brand with you. DIY board
builders… you make the call.

You can select from:

  • Board Shape & Contour: From a selection of 8 different Lib Tech board model chassis including 5 distinct bottom contours.
  • Board Size: Skunk Ape to Banana Blaster, each board model chassis has a range of available sizes to choose from.
  • Top Sheet Art: A collection of classic graphics from longtime Lib artists, now unique to the DIY program.
  • Sidewall Colors: 6 sidewall color options.
  • Base Options: Pick a classic graphic - or - Create a custom 10 Letter knife-cut base. Keep it classy!
  • Personalized Badge: Customize and claim your board with a 26 character custom laser cut badge.
  • Buy: Lib Tech’s Bitchin’ Board Builders will hand build your dream board and ship it to you! Order through your local dealer and receive $25 off! See dealer for details and applicable codes.

* The finished board may not appear exactly as it is shown on the screen. DIY board orders take 3-6 weeks to build and ship for United States/Canada, 6-9 weeks for all other countries, for a list of countries we ship DIY boards click here. DIY board orders will be charged upon order confirmation. No returns or refunds on customized boards will be accepted or given.

How you order

Come in and see us at Evolution Whistler or email us.

You can also visit

Lib-Tech DIY Board Builders

Backyard Sessions Afterparty!

Big thanks to all the crew that made the BYS possible! Such a fun night.

Here are some photos of the night. And stay tuned for a few edits poping up soon.

BYS - -2341

BYS - -2330

BYS - -2346

BYS - -2647

BYS - -2372

BYS - -2389

BYS - -2386

BYS - -2396

BYS - -2367

BYS - -2423

BYS - -2458

BYS - -2461

BYS - -2480

BYS - -2484

BYS - -2519

BYS - -2566

BYS - -2610

BYS - -2624

BYS - -2628

BYS - -2651

Photo by Conrad Petzsch-Kunze© -

Thanks so much to our generous sponsors Ride, Airblaster, 3CS, Arena Snow Parks, Sabre, Coal, and Spacecraft for helping us make this event possible. It was a blast and we can’t wait until next year.


Backyard Sessions Success!

Backyard Sessions Success!

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January 29, 2013

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The Backyard Sessions Contest-ish was a colab with the 250 Crew ( and Evolution Whistler. We asked for submissions of great backyard parks in Whistler (and area). We received great response and picked out top 3 favourites.

This past week a crew of 250 and Evolution riders sessioned each of the 3 finalist parks along with the park creators and their friends. There were numerous photographers and filmers out and the photos and footage will be hitting our sites soon!

Here are photos of the top 3 Finalist Parks:

The Camp of Scallions

These boys are dedicated. There are many more features in the yard that are not visible in this shot, plus there is an igloo! This Session had riders in multiple areas at once-lots of head up and hollering of "dropping.!" Very rad.

Camp of Scallions-first photo

The Pemby Wildcard

This house is brining Whistler’s Best Backyard Park Contest-ish to Pemberton! Handcrafted rainbows, PVC Gaps, and a recent, ‘monster addition’ are doing a good job. They will kicked of the Sessions last week, and the park was so rad we rode for hours! Thank you Pemby Crew!

Pemby Widcard-first photo

This quick teaser shot on Jessy's phone gives an idea of how big and rad this park is, plus the level of riding that was going down!

Backyard sessions pemberton woody back-flip from Jessy Brown on Vimeo.

The Magic Jet Pack Park

Big booters and some serious hammer potential. The run-in was committal and rad! The bonfire under the main jump was spectacular and kept us warm all the way up on the deck. The double-mini-half-pipe on the deck with air to rail slide in experienced Woody's talents!

Magic Jet Pack Park

The winner will be announced and crowned on Feb 1st! Stay tuned for photos and props!


The Backyard Sessions

The Backyard Sessions

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Lauren Ritz
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December 09, 2012

“The Backyard Sessions”

a contest-ish...

Presented by: Evolution Whistler &


Evolution wants to see what the best Backyard Park in Whistler looks like! We are challenging you to use any and all resources to create the funnest, raddest and most creative park to session. Build your backyard into whatever Frankenstein invention you can and submit "proof-of-park" by January 14th, 2013. The top three parks will be announced on Jan 17th, and the finalists will be visited by our panel of judges for an on-snow session to see just how fun your park is in person! Judges will include local legends, team-riders and surprise guests…  We bring the generator and the lights… you bring the good times!! The session will be documented by a professional photographer, and a video edit will be made by and posted online on Every finalist will walk away with photos, footage, and swag. The winning crew will receive massive prizes including unique features for your park, (to be announced) a brand new 152 RIDE Kink, bindings, outerwear and all kinds of goodness courtesy of our generous sponsors; RIDE, Airblaster, 3CS, Arena Snow Parks, SABRE, Spacecraft, Coal, YeaNice and more!!! Not to mention being awarded “Best Backyard Park in Whistler” and a chance to have a session photo published in KingSNOW Magazine!! Judging will be based on five main areas "Sessionability", "Creative Use Of Space", "Vibe", "Blood Sweat & Tears" and "Overall Awesomeness". If you can build it, we wanna see it… So get shovelin!!

How to Enter?

Entries can include, but are not limited to, video edits, photos, info about who you are, drawings, diagrams, descriptions…  whatever you need to tell us in order to qualify for your chance to become one of 3 finalists. We don't care as long as it is in by the deadline. Riding skill is not important to us, but being a good rider will obviously reflect in your park. Make sure you include the address, which must be a legitimate Whistler residence of someone from your crew. Look over the judging criteria in detail below, in order to prove the best attributes of your park.  Any video edits submitted should be no longer than 2min and should be linked to an online resource such as youtube or vimeo. Photo submissions are limited to 10 per entry. Submissions can be emailed to and will be posted at as well as on the Evolution Facebook page! Entries are due by January 14th 2012, finalists will be announced by Jan 17th, and judging sessions will begin on Jan 18th, weather permitting.




Remember!  This contest is all about having fun and snowboarding with your friends. Prizes are sweet and so is getting great photos... but the point of this contest is to celebrate the awesomeness of having your own Backyard Park. Here is our criteria for determining the winner, and what ultimately makes snowboarding fun for us all!


All good snowboard parks in general, are such because you can have an awesome session with your friends.  It doesn't matter if you are learning a "hardway back 270" or a “switch 50-50”, we want to see that people can session, and all good sessions lead to new tricks.  Can someone else drop in while you are hiking up beside the rail? Can you get enough speed for each feature?

Creative use of space

Everyone knows it is not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.  This is meant to level the playing field.  If you have a bunch of space but don't use it creatively you will not do as well as the small park that made the gap between the shed and the fence into a mini pipe. Variety is the spice of life… lets see what you can come up with!

Blood, Sweat & Tears

We want to see how badly you want it, how much work you are willing to dedicate, in order to have the best park around.  Did you build your own rails? Did you shovel snow for 6 days straight? Show us what went into your park. To be honest, if you are able to convince a Bobcat driver to build your drop in, that’s working smart and we’re into it! But if you build the same size kicker without any heavy machinery, well that’s just pure gold.


The vibe of your park will be difficult to show in photo and film cause it is something you gotta FEEL, ya know? However, vibe can kinda be like feng-shui or the environment of the park, and if you have tiki torches and disco balls in your park that’s awesome. This category will mainly come into play for the finalists and the good times vibes for each session. If your park is awesome but you suck to be around, then obviously your vibe won't be too high.

Overall Awesomeness

This is the same as "Overall Impression" except awesomer… yeah that’s right, awesomer! This category is all about the full package.  Some parks will be super fun to session but will be lacking creativity.  Some may be super creative but minimal work was put in to making a feature rideable.  Here we have a chance to consider how all of the categories work together PLUS whatever separates your backyard park from the rest.


This contest is meant to support grassroots snowboarding and promote having fun on your snowboards without having to shell out for a resort pass. The Backyard Sessions contest and/or Evolution is not responsible for any injuries sustained while building your backyard park or sessioning, nor loss of damage deposits because you jibbed your coffee table and your landlord (or mom) is pissed. Evolution judges are trained professionals and understand all of the serious risks involved with visiting your backyard park.





NOW Binding Announcement

NOW Binding Announcement

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September 27, 2012

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NOW Snowboarding


Main Content Inline Small

Jeremy Jones officially signed

For immediate release,

Whistler, BC Canada.

Jeremy Jones has officially signed a three-year deal that will also position him as a share holder of Now Snowboarding. We are very pleased and honored to be working with such a snowboard icon. Jeremy is at the forefront with his brand Jones Snowboards and the Now bindings are a perfect fit for all the Jones solid snowboards. This is huge for Now as Jeremy will help us communicate our technology and vision to his educated and outdoorsy audience. Jeremy is a key player in the world of snowboarding and his passion and knowledge of products will transpire into our binding line. Here is what Jeremy had to say: “From my first day riding the NOW bindings I knew there was no going back to my traditional bindings.  The foot comfort, precision, power, and chatter reduction is what did it for me.”

Check out Mr. Jones in the new TGR film, FURTHER. For more info please check theJones Snowboards website.

JF Pelchat




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September 05, 2012

Renowned snowboard Film Company premieres newest work.

Absinthe Films is back with our annual Sphere of Influence Tour to premiere our latest shred flick in Whistler at Millennium Place on Tuesday, September 11th.  There will be two shows to choose from!  First screening, doors open at 6:30pm show starts at 7:00.  Second screening, doors open at 8:30pm show starts at 9:00pm. 

This premiere event aims to team up with a local, environmental based, non-profit to educate guests on green initiatives happening in their community that challenge climate change and ultimately keep the epic snow coming.  This year, audiences can look forward to connecting with Zero Ceiling in the lobby before the show.

Resonance is an artistic celebration of Mother Nature’s 2011/2012 winter and captures the highlights in snowboarding across the globe in backcountry and urban riding with some of the best snowboarders on the planet.  Directed and edited by Justin Hostynek and produced by Patrick Armbruster, this unique duo has released a long list of classics; adored by shred nerds everywhere.

The carbon neutral Sphere of Influence Tour is a film premiere event for all ages to meet the featured riders, crews behind the scenes and win prizes.  We encourage our audiences to help out Mother Nature by walking, dancing, biking, skating or taking public transportation to the theater.  Tickets are $11.50 and are available at select snowboard retail shops, Evolution, Showcase, The Circle, and will also be available at the door.  A portion of tickets sales will go to the local environmental non-profit Zero Ceiling.

For more information on the premiere event, a list of stores where tickets are sold, about how we make our tour carbon neutral, the non-profits we donate to or interviews with riders and crew members, please contact North American tour manager Jennifer Rebbetoy at 760-807-9823 or

Visit our website and Facebook page for more general tour information.