Sombrio is the original, rider-owned, purveyor of world-leading design and manufactured high performance apparel, outerwear and subversive streetwear for the West Coast inspired.

Sombrio clothing was launched in 1998 by then 21 year-old professional mountain biker Dave Watson, an athlete and visionary who’s regarded as one of the pioneers of freeride mountain biking. Watson co-founded the company with friends Duanne Nickull, Gabe Fox, and childhood mentor, and mountain bike celebrity Andrew Shandro. Back then, the scene looked something like this: riders either wore full spandex or jeans, skate shoes and a full-face helmet and they hit big jumps to flat landings; bike parks hadn’t been invented; Monica Lewinsky was on her knees; the internet was about to change the world; and, choices for cool technical riding apparel and post-ride street-wear simply did not exist. “Time for a change,” said Watson boldly, who kept the throttle down as a rider while developing the Sombrio brand. Inspiration in the early years came from a combination of the West Coast lifestyle, innovative action sports such as skate and surf and the obvious gap of available apparel that suited both function (durability of the demands of the rough North Shore terrain) AND style (something you could be seen in on a ride and grabbing a coffee afterwards).

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