Owner and creator of Evolution Whistler

Links/Tunes that Jenine says check out!

Jonathan Schramm

Evolution's connection to the hard core scene.

Evolution's ideas, PR and force behind the scene man. Jonathan is also a film maker with Anthill Films / The Collective and Alterna Action Films.

Also check out Schramm Vodka: organic potato vodka made in Pemberton BC by Jonathan's brother. (-with help from the entire family) It is on the shelves of BC Liquor Stores, private liquor shops and restaurants in BC. Super-Premium vodka: Schramm Vodka


Picked up in 2006

Brad is an Evolution Team Rider and can be found riding whenever possible in Pemberton. As soon as the trails were semi-clear late Feb, he was out digging the snow off the trails and riding almost every day. In the summers Brad runs his own landscaping business: Super Natural Landscaping.

Get Supernatural


All-Round Bon Travail-er!

Bruno is one of the world's most rad dudes! He kills it at every sport he plays, with special excellence in BMXing, snowboarding, skiing and hockey.Check out Le Brun's blog:


We lucked into Treasure in the Spring of 2007 and have not let him out of shop since!

Trevor is a biking maniac. He rides his road bike to wokr YEAR-ROUND in WHISTLER! Plus he rides many hours on every day off year-round. Trevor is a natural athlete. Summer sports were Trevor's specialty for many years - Mt Biking, BMX'ing, Road Biking and Long Boarding; however, after his second summer in Whistler, he was convinced to check out the winter. He has been snowboarding with us for two winters now and i think we have another Whistler lifer! Yay!


Lauren has been connected to Evolution since the beginning!

Lauren is the most fun person in the world! If you have the chance to dance with her you are having fun! Lauren is an amazing artist; as is the rest of her family: Lauren's mum, Kathy Long, drew the Evolution Dragon, Crane and Tiger; and her brother, Ian Ritz,( Chromag Bikes ) drew our skull and the EVOLUTION script logo. If you need artwork, especially spray work, look Lauren up!


Ball of Sunshine

Jessy is so awesome to have around, a little ball of sunshine who likes to hurls herself down trails in her spare time. Jessy is a ripper athlete at any sport she touches. She has been slaying the mountains around Whistler on her board and is off to slay in NZ this summer/winter! Jessy is also an amazing photographer. Many of her photos are featured on our site, check out more of her photos on her site and blog: , and

Ian Morrison

The Ripper!!

We have watched this guy grow up; a true local who we are thrilled to have as part of the team! Ian has been skiing since before he could walk and DH riding and winning for almost the same time. Definitely one to watch for, our young Morrison is has been in front of the action camera as many times as he has placed a phone call, brushed his teeth, or flirted with the ladies... you get the idea. Ian is an asset to the Evolution family, without a doubt.

Claire Buchar

Evolution Team Rider and staff since 2000

Klarko rocks!! You know who she is: Canadian Femal DH Champ yo!


Web / Creative

He has been doing our website and design work since 2006.

Some stuff he has been involved in ValeBMX, CartChing, Flickr

Tristan Hansen

Reprezent Yo!

Big T brings fresh energy and stoke to Evolution! Tristan slays the hard good sales at Evolution with his passion and knowledge. Check out T Dawg reprezent-zenting at the King of the Rail and other comps. We hope that Tristan is as stoked to be on the Crew as we are to have him! Check out T and his Buddies'


Smile Master

Sara owns one of the most beautiful smiles you will ever know. She joined the Evo Crew during the 06/07 winter season. Sara has lived in Whistler for many years and Whistler is her home for good, YAY!! With her horticulture knowledge she works her magic on the Whistler Village dirt, fancifing Whistler in the summers, and returns to Evolution in the winters. Thank you Syrah!

Mark (aka. Rabbit)

The Rabbi

Rab is thumping away in our tech shop and an extremely personable guy who's stoked to be a part of our team, and we're lucky to have him! His 7 years of previous tech experience shows.


Evolution is looking to hire an amazing new Sales Manager by May 2014!

The Aplicant must be COMPLETELY knowledgeable and EXPERIENCED in ALL of the following areas: Snowboard Sales, Ski Sales, Backcountry Winter Travel Equipment Sales, Bikes Sales (incouding DMX, Road, Trail & DH), Bike Rentals, Skateboard Sales, Men's Fashion Sales and WOMENS's FASHION Sales.

The Applicant must be available to work full time at $16.75/hr. The Aplicant is required to be experienced in and COMPLETELY competant at performing the following duties: Problem Solving, Managing Staff, Merchandeizing, Placing Orders, Using Social Media.

Please only apply with ALL requirements to