Lib Tech T.Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard 2012

Lib Tech T.Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard 2012 / $579.95



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  • Lib Tech T.Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard 2012 - 157
  • Lib Tech T.Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard 2012
  • Lib Tech T.Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard 2012

Lib Tech T. Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard 2012: The go-to stick of the man himself, the T.Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard has a pointy pow-specific nose and stiffer flex for insane pop and stability. With C2 Power Banana it maneuvers easily in any situation – hardpack, park, pipe, pow, rails, and even ice. Point it straight and feel confident sending it with the T. Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard.

  • Flex and Rider Style: Flex rating: 7 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff): features C2 Power Banana which is designed for aggressive all-terrain freestyle riders. Banana Tech rocker between your feet combined with cambers at each end of the board
  • Construction and Core: Made with Axis inversion fiberglass featuring an H-Pop Wood Alloy Core that gives the highest compression response ever, with half the glue weight and absorbs less resin weight absorption. // The C2 Banana Rocker (C2BTX) combination offers the best features of Banana Tech: float in powder in both directions, carving on hardpack and ice and a catch-free freestyle performance with the best features of camber for end to end stability, and extra pop for strong aggressive riders.
  • Shape: Twin Pointy Pow shape (161.5, 164.5) / Twin Blunt Jib shape (153, 157) for the park
  • Sidewalls, Edges and Base: Magne-Traction serrated edges features 7 bumps strategically placed along the sidecut, with the largest bumps at and between your feet to add maximum control and power where you need it most. Magne-Traction shifts the control, edgehold, and power from your tip and tail to under your feet where your balance in centered, resulting in a more catch free tip and tail, better control for freestyle tricks, better tracking and an easier snowboard to ride. // Sintered UHMW Base is so fast, you might be mistaken for T. Rice himself. // Bio-Plastic Beans sparkle topsheet is a new earth-friendly bio-plastic topsheet made from castor beans; with a high strength-to-weight ratio


  • Tip Width: 295mm (153), 301mm (157), 304mm (161.5), 310mm (164.5)
  • Waist Width: 253mm (153), 258mm (157), 260mm (161.5), 262mm (164.5)
  • Tail Width: 295mm (153), 301mm (157), 304mm (161.5), 310mm (164.5)
  • Ability Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Effective Edge: 118.5cm (153), 121cm (157), 124.5cm (161.5), 127cm (164.5)
  • Rocker Type: Camber/Rocker/Camber
  • Sidecut Radius: 8m (153), 8.2m (157), 8.4m (161.5), 8.5m (164.5)
  • Stance: 20.25” – 26” / 0” setback
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Width: Regular