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  • Ride OMG 2011

This twin features Ride’s new Hybrid ProRize™ shape which is built with micro-camber between the feet and micro-rocker in the tip and tail. This new shape offers the max in landing stability and pop, ideal for going big without the fear of rocker washout. Perfect for hard-charging ladies, the OMG snowboard has Pop Rods® 1.0, 85A Slimewalls® and Cleave Edge™ for a concoction that has an extra dose of pop, the perfect amount of smooth and a chaser of durability.

STYLE: All Mountain Freestyle, Park Pipe

SHAPE: Hybrid ProRize™

STANCE: Centered

SIZES: 140, 144, 147, 150, 153

Thin Con
NEW! Hybrid ProRize Shape
NEW! Pop Rods® 1.0
85A Slimewalls®
Carbon Array 5™
Cleave Edge™
Hybrid Glass
Fusion 4000 Base
2x4 Inserts