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Evolution's super performance fleet:

the highest performance, tightest bikes in Whistler

custom built every season with components selected specifically for the whistler park

expertly set-up for every rider and serviced after every ride to ensure the best performance on the trails.

BEfore Your Ride

Waivers, documents, bike setup and what to bring.

On the day

Collecting your rental equipment, where to ride, where to eat and everything else to get the most out of your day.


Please take time to read through the terms & conditions of our rental agreement.


The Bike Park will have greater upload capacity in summer 2023 than we experienced in 2022. Summer 2023 will have upload access from both the Whistler Village and Creekside this season - compared with the 2022 season which had only Village upload while Creekside was closed for construction of the new Gondola.


The upload from the Whistler Village will be on the Gondola which will be exclusive for the Bike Park, with all Sightsee upload all via Blackcomb Gondola. The upload capacity of the Village Gondola is greater than the upload capacity of the former Fitzsimmons lift which was 4 people every-other chair and 4 bikes every-other chair, as the gondola is 3-4 people with bikes on every gondola. 

"The Bike Park ran as gondola only upload for many years - and it was super!" 

~Jenine, Evolution owner who road Bike Park  A LOT!! in the gondola-only days :) 


From September 5th until October 9th upload will be via Creekside Gondola. The Garbanzo Lift will be open and accessible from Creekside and the runs in the Fitz zone will be open; however, this is a 4.8km pedal to Creekside from the Village base to upload again - this will likely be something riders will do for lunch and/or end-of-day ride out.

Evolution will be facilitating the Creekside upload as best as possible: we will be arranging Creekside morning pick up for up to 6 bikes per day. Please email us if you would like to arrange Creekside pick-up for your rentals from

Sept 5~Oct 9th. We have created a map to the Creekside lifts to give to renters. Plus one of our staff rode one of our DH rental bikes to the Creekside lifts from our shop this week and we are putting together an information sheet as to the exact time, and elevations which we will post here this week. (Creekside is a lower elevation than the Village :)

Below is a detailed description of the ride from Evolution to the Creekside lifts for September-October 2023


Evolution sells off our rental fleet at the end of every season. Due to our bikes being fully serviced after every ride and worn parts being replaced regularly, bearings being replaced mid season and forks being serviced every 5 rides, our bikes are in excellent shape at the end of the season! $500 refundable deposit is required to put your name on one of our sick bikes. This season, due to the September-October limited lift access we will be selling half of our fleet as of Sept 10th! Call or email us for more info :)



Evolution to Creekside Route.png
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