Brandon Semenuk
No Introductory Needed. Brandon has been our our team since he was 7 years old and we are proud of this fantastic human who is kind, honest, hard working and talented.
Brandon's Instagram Page
Claire Buchar
The first time I saw Claire ride and fly of jumps like she weighed about .25lbs I had to meet her! I walked up to her that day and told her she amazed me. Claire STILL amazes me. Not only is Claire and amazing, fast, talented rider, she in an AMAZING person! FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY and creative! We were SO lucky to have Claire work at Evolution for 10 years WHILE she was racing and being Canadian DH champ for many years running! 
Claire's Instagram Page
Christina Chappetta
We were very lucky to have Christina discover Evolution in her first days arriving I Whistler 10 years ago with her truck, bikes and riding gear! We were albe to sponsor Christina for residency and she has been an amazing asset to Evolution, Whistler & Canada!! Watch for her dragon stickers on her bikes on her PinkBike videos!
Christina's Instagram Page
Katrina Strand
Katrina has been on the Evolution team for about 20 years! It has been rad to be connected to Katrina and all that she has done for youth and women's riding in Whistler and Worldwide!! Rock on Katrina!!
Katrina's Instagram Page
Katrina's Website
Lucas Cruz
Lucas has been on the Evolution team since he was a youngster as well. After dominating the local mtb and box race scene for many years he has now showing his talents to the world in Jr World Cup DH for the past 2 seasons!
Lucas's Instagram Page
Remy Metailler
Remy worked at Evolution his first year arriving in Whistler. It has been great to be connected to this fantastic French import! Love ya Rem-Dawg!
Remy's Instagram Page
Yohan Berelli
Yohan's skill on a bike is amazing to watch and his energy is fantastic to be around! 
Yohan's Instagram Page
Tegan Cruz
Tegan is quickly catching up to his bro and his talent has been clear for many years...watch for Tegan on the world stage soon!
Tegan's Instagram Page
Finn Finestone
Finn has been on our team since he was born! Finn's dad Brian is a radical mountain dude and we have been watching Finn being an amazing athlete since he could walk! 
Sam Grainger
Sam can be seen flying over you off the largest jumps around! Lucky us, Sam works full time at Evolution and brings his good vibes and positive style with him to work as well as on the mountains! Love you SammyG!
Sam's Instagram Page
Denis Courchesne
Denis is fast, friendly and fabulous! We love Denis's rad vibes and skills. Lucky us, Denis is also working his friendly, knowledgeable style on the sales floor two days a week this summer! 
Denis's Instagram Page
Lucia Pastorekova
Another amazing human! Pasta is fast and funny, creative and hard working. Lucky for Cananda we have claimed her as ours now!
Vanessa Bouffard
Check out this beautiful rider!!
Sofia Guy
Amazing local ripper!
Sophie Lawrence
Amazing local ripper!
Amazing local ripper!
Floyd Guy
Amazing local ripper!
Nate Lawrence
Sam Tierney
Anthony Shelly
Tristan Curran
Dylan Marino
Hunter Evans
Matty Marino
Dylan Marino
Finn Finestone
Court Larabe
Troy Lawrence
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