Whistler's Bike Trail Networks is vast, varied and awesome! There is something for everyone.



The paved Valley Trail has a number loops and out and back routes through the Whistler Valley.

Beginner and Kids' Skills Park is located next to the day parking lots and the skatepark

The Gravel Road Trails and "goomed" pea-gravel trails around lost lake which hook up to the paved Valley Trail are a great intro to off-road riding.



Whistler is renowned for its great trail network, tacky dirt and advanced riding trails. If you are only in Whistler for one day of riding and you would like to climb and decend we recommend finding your way to Westside Road (River Runs Through It is a great warm up on your way there) - find this on the Whistler South map. If you are in Whistler for a one day and would like to have a not too long, non-scary but fun ride, the Lost Lake trails staring with Peaches and follwing that network. If you have a few days to hit the Whistler Valley, find your way to Loggers Lake and/or Kill Me Thrill Me & Young Lust are good options. If you are here for a week or so, download the Traiforks app and hit every zone including Blackcomb! Pop into Evolution if you would like any tips finding trailheads etc.

The app to download for Whistler Trail riding is Trailforks (Apple Version or Android Version). This app is run by PinkBike and is updated by riders. There is lots of great info on there plus the live GPS routing works very well. Below are the maps on Trailforks that you will find great detail on their sit and app.

To give you an idea of our vast trail network, these are the 7 mapped areas of Whistler on Trailforks, and below is the map for each area.

There are also MANY trail in both Pemberton (35km North of Whistler) and Squamish (45km South of Whistler). Pemberton is drier than Whistler and great to hit when it is rainy or when the trails have not melted in Whistler. Squamish is wetter than Whistler and great to hit on dry days. Traiforks for these areas is your best resource as well.

Whistler North
Lost Lake
Whistler Bike Park
Whistler Bike Park
Whistler South
Whistler South