Meet The crew



At 21, Jenine wrote the business plan for a bike and snowboard shop after teaching skiing and snowboard racing in Japan. On July 1st 1995, Jenine opened Evolution Whistler! As Whistler grows and continues to evolve, Jenine's excitement for riding down mountains is as wild as ever and helping others to enjoy the mountains brings her the most joy.

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The lesser spotted mountain leopard has more in common with Trevor than you can imagine. Moving through the mountains with speed and grace, any photographic evidence of this mysterious creature is hard to capture without significant effort. Trevor is also a walking encyclopaedia  when it comes to anything snowboard and bike related.


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It makes a lot of sense that this down to earth, talented, intelligent, happy human grew up in the Kootenies, in a family with roots in Whistler. We are super lucky to have Maddie in the crew -, you will understand what i mean when you meet her in the shop!


Sammy G

It's ya boy! Whistler's next top model, The Fresh Prince of Big Air, Sammy G. Hailing from the cycling capitol of the UK Bristol, Sammy has the perfect mix of technical knowledge and be able to go #FullSend on two wheels. Best served with a cold beer and DnB music.



We were thrilled that Alex decided to take a break from being a Physiotherapist in the UK and spend a couple of years with us in Whistler!!

Alex loves being in Whistler and in the mountains. His smile is infectious and his authentic passion for helping others matches Evolution's style perfectly.



Ross is a perfect example of the Evolution vibe: absolutely keen to help anyone and everyone have the best experience possible! Keeping it fresh, he's also the man behind all our online media. A true chameleon of the the mountain, effortlessly changing between snowboards, skis and bikes.



Part shaman, part expert mechanic. James' experience runs deep with over 20 years experience within the bike industry. James personifies the store spirit of having fun when ever you're riding the mountain. He is always down to help customers get the best out of their gear, wether that's servicing, or lending his knowledge with bikes and snowboards.


Liam is a true swiss army knife amongst our workshop crew. A talented photographer working with many athletes and companies within the bike industry, Liam is also an expert mechanic. Methodical, and organised, his work bench has been photographed by both Jenine & Trevor! and his customer service embodies true Canadian hospitality.


Atsu is our bike ninja. Calm and collected, he is a superb mechanic. Originally from Japan, he moved to Whistler for the love of mountain biking. He is also our in-store guru when if comes to all things disc golf. You can mostly find him honing his lines at Lost Lake Disc Golf course!



We were stoked to welcome Matt and his non-stop knowledge to the shop as a mechanic and sales Crew member. Matt has many years experience in the industry and also many other industries! Matt is also an incredible photographer and has an amazing eye for animal and scenery images. 



Alex has spent 7 years in the army as a helicopter mechanic way up north in Darwin, Australia.  Having no mountains made Alex determined to get over to Canada for a change. Now he's moved to Whistler after living and working at Silverstar ski resort. He's also addicted to snowboarding, likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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The newest edition to the work shop crew. Grant used to work as a car mechanic before deciding he needed to experience the riding in Whistler. He packed up his Mum's car with his bikes and drove from Connecticut to be here. Growing up racing BMX bikes, he knows how to go fast on both trail and downhill! 

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We are currently interviewing for the a Lead Mechanic position.

We have many excellent mechanics on staff with 2-3 years experience, however, we are currently seeking a second lead mechanic for a permanent, full time position.

Starting wage is $22/hr

We do not provide accommodation.

Lead Mechanic applicants must have a minimum of 3 years experience in a busy mountain bike service shop with 5+ being more favourable.

Lead Mechanic applicants must be completely competent in all factors of performance mountain bike maintenance, service and repairs and be able to teach and supervise other mechanics performing all factors of performance mountain bike service and repair. 

Technical bicycle mechanic skills required to be able to perform, teach and supervise include (but is not limited to): troubleshooting, bleeding and installing all types of hydraulic brakes; removing and installing frame, hub and headset bearings; complete tear down and rebuild of all types of front suspension including cartridges; complete tear-down and rebuild of air and coil rear suspension; spoke calculation and wheel building.