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Our gear is selected by Jenine & the EW Crew with input from our customers.

Evolution special orders our bikes for sale. 
Pick your exact Santa Cruz or Transition Bike and we will order it in, build it up for you and you pick it up without a spec of dust or scratch from sitting in racks! When Santa Cruz & Transition have sales on those prices are what you pay - but no fees for shipping or build plus deals on gear for lift after that!
PS: Evolution was the first Santa Cruz dealer in Whistler:  since 1995!!

Evolution's seasonal runs of T-shirts and hats are loved by locals and visitors!
Evolution Dragon stickers are always available in weekly colours.

We love great, functional STYLE!
We stock jogger & denim from Volcom & Taikan (Vancouver brand) & T-shirts, crews & hoodies from an assortment of rad Mountain Brands!

Find local pieces of clothing and art as well!

Evolution Whistler Tom Bunny Bottle.png
Evolution Whister Dragon Mountain Sunset.png
Evolution Whistler Skul and bottle X.png
Evolution Whistler First Nations T.png
Evolution Whistler Dragon Snowflakes.png
Evolution Whistler Skull Flake.png


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Evolution Snow Logos.png
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