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Pro Ambassadors

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Claire Buchar

Watching Claire ride is like a masterclass in bike technique. Her cornering is always pinned and a strong rider in any situation. By day she is a designer at local brand, Chromag. 

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Lucas Cruz

Lucas Cruz is now in his 2nd year racing men's elite DH. Racing for Norco Factory team racing, the last year has been spent concentrating on solid training and now he is looking forward to a busier race calendar than last year.

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Katrina Strand

Katrina is another superbly well-rounded rider and amazing human being. She is well known for her work as a top level coach and helping youth and women's riding in Whistler and beyond.

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Tegan Cruz

Quickly catching up to his older brother, Tegan is set to be a future name on the international race circuit. Working his way through juniors, he has just signed with Trek Factory Racing, a move that will for sure raise this young riders talent.

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Chris Kovarik

Kovarik is a foot out, flat out kind of guy. Heavy metal and a hard charging style. His cornering and bike handling is still some of the best in the game. Founder of STFU components, his many years of pro racing knowledge runs deep!

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Brandon Semenuk

Brandon needs no introduction. A rider that has changed the way people look at mountain biking across the globe. Brandon has been on the Evolution Team since he was 7 years old, we are super proud of his kindness, hard work and talent.

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Remy Metailler


One of the hardest working riders in the industry. Remy blows minds with his original lines on many of Squamish's famous trails. His edits combine greats trail riding with huge gaps and airs.



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Finn Finestone

Finn oozes style what ever he chooses to ride. Growing up in Whistler, he was inspired by all the pro riders shredding Whistler Blackcomb parks. In the winter he has a busy calendar of coaching and snowboard competitions, continuing to be ranked as one of Canada's best snowboarders. 

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Local Ambassadors


Venessa Bouffard

Based down the road in Squamish, Vanessa is a super smooth rider and Ambassador for Santa Cruz. She loves to race DH bikes and but for now you can catch her shredding laps in Whistler Bike Park.

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Matt Tongue

Matt is a both a sick rider and talented photographer. He is a classic story of leaving his job to pursue a life in mountain biking, being drawn to Whistler as the mecca of biking. He is also a team rider for NF and is constantly out filming and riding across the Sea to Sky.

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Pol Molina

Pol is the newest rider to the Evolution Team and we couldn't be happier having this character on the team. Always riding with a smile and bringing the good vibes, you can catch Pol coaching and guiding in Whistler and Squamish. When he isn't inspiring the new generation you can catch him shredding the Bike Park.

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Christina Chappetta

X-Tina! We are so happy to have had Christina work at Evolution for 8 years before catching her break as a presenter at PinkBike. Her technique on a bike is beautiful to watch, seeing her continue to improve in anything she does always get's us stoked

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Sam Grainger

It's ya boy! Whistler's next top model, The Fresh Prince of Big Air, Sammy G. Hailing from the cycling capitol of the UK Bristol, Sam's quest for big air and steep terrain has led him to many of BC's biggest spots over the last 2 years. His style and attitude when he rides is infectious.

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Khyber-Matt-Dust Trail.JPG

Matt Hebert

Huge and Happy Matt-E-Bear! You could try to follow Matt to his secret spots....but there is little chance you could keep him in sight to find them! 

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Pasta rides so fasta!

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Ryan Macintosh

Ryan Macintosh

Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 08.49.56.png

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Denis Courchesne

Denis is pure speed and style. He spends his summers off-roading to the most elusive trails in his Tacoma and capturing some of the best looking photos with his buddy Mark Mackay Photography. Part of the "Mahalo My Dude" you can find him in many of their youtube vlogs. This summer Denis and the MMD crew will be touring around BC bike parks; expect lots of fun antics and serious shredding.

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Ross Dunlop

Originally from Scotland, Ross has been coaching snowboarding and biking in Whistler for over 10 years.

Part of the Zep MTB coaching team, Ross has a depth of experience in taking riders of all experiences and progressing their riding.

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